Constantly Trying to Keep Up

The boys just keep changing and I’m finding little time to document it! Here’s what’s going on lately:

Ansel seems to really enjoy routines and patterns and is having a lot of fun helping. When we all go upstairs to the nursery to go to bed, he always goes and gets pacifiers for himself and Coco, as well as their lovies (small blankets that they sleep with: blue elephants for Coco and yellow giraffes for Ansel) and makes sure to give the appropriate ones to Cormac. He’s super helpful in general and it is great fun to watch him try to figure out how to help. He doesn’t always get it right, like when I was sorting baby clothes, some of which were clean, so I folded them and laid them on the chair, and others which were dirty, so I threw them in the hamper. Ansel decided that all of the clothes should be in the hamper so he took the folded clothes off the chair and put them in the hamper for me. :)

IMG 0404

Fun in the Sandbox

Cormac is a dancing fiend. He’ll dance to any music (even the noise from Dan’s coffee grinder!) He also really loves to “read” books, I got all wispy-eyed when I saw him spontaneously lie down on his belly to read a book the other day, a position I remember spending much time in while growing up.

It’s easy to make Ansel giggle, by tickling him or bouncing/roughhousing with him. Overall he seems oriented towards movement.

Cormac is more subtle in general, which can make getting him to laugh feel extra rewarding. When he was a baby certain sounds made him laugh– like when Dan or I would bark like a dog. It usually had to be novel, after awhile he wouldn’t laugh at our barks anymore. I have a recent video of Cormac laughing by making my foot slide off the coffee table onto the floor. It’s a long video and if you keep watching (for those of you very into the boys), later on you’ll see Ansel busily throwing things over the fence. When Ansel gets in the mood to move things hither and thither, he becomes quite serious, it’s funny to watch! View the video here (sorry for the poor quality.)

IMG 0424

Radio Flyer Trav-lers

The boys are slow to gain language but their understanding blows me away nowadays. They know their colors, animals, body parts, family members, furniture and more! They can also manage to make a dinosaur “rawr!” and kitty-cat “eow” sounds when we ask, which is super cute.

We are having some problems with irritability as we approach the 2s. Ansel has always taken (or tried to take) toys from Cormac and Cormac rarely objected in the past. Now when it happens Coco cries. We’ve been trying to get Ansel to stop but he seems obsessed. Yesterday morning Coco was playing with a block while Ansel was playing with some animals. Even though Ansel seemed perfectly happy with the animals he decided he needed Coco’s block so he tried to grab it from him. When I intervened to stop him they both fell down. Many tears ensued.

Strangely, when we ask them to share, they do it pretty well (especially Ansel!) Obviously he doesn’t connect sharing with leaving Cormac & his toys alone.

IMG 0435

Clownface aka Drinking from the Bowl of Berries

Oh, they’re also loving playing with the salad spinner. Pushing the plunger to make it spin is fun, but pressing the little black brake button to make it stop is even more fun.

I may try making shorter entries to help me keep up, but we’ll see how it goes. No promises.

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    • Thank you Joy, I love sharing, plus I’ve got a horrible memory, so this ought to help me remember what it was like when them when I’m old(er) & gray!

  1. That is such a smart reason for your ramblings. Most of us “olders” probably we we had done something like this. (Of course, this type of technology was not then readily available as it is today.)

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