Today’s (Mis)Adventures

Library Madness

Today, since it has been so rainy, I plan to meet up with other twin moms (some whom I’ve never met) at the Montclair branch of the Oakland Public Library for a playdate around 3:30pm. The boys (miraculously!) sleep long– from 11:45-2:45 so I rush to get them up and hurriedly feed them a snack. Post-snack, I dress our little guys in their make-do raincoats and adorable rain boots (thanks Zappos!) and we hop in the car.

When we arrive I see that there is only on-street parking for the library (no parking lot) and nothing close. After a few passes (and aborted attempts at parallel parking in the midst of semi-heavy traffic) I finally find a spot across the street and a half a block away that I can pull straight into. It’s a little unfortunate because there is no sidewalk on that side of the street so I have to take the boys out straight into the street to cross it. After I park, I get the boys all unbuckled and stage them, standing in the wheel well, ready to “sprint” (as much as 1.5 year-old boys who have been walking for three months can sprint) with me across the street once we see a break in the traffic.

We wait, and finally I see a good time to go. I get Cormac onto the street and hold onto his hand while I grab Ansel and lift him out of the car. While I’m holding Ansel and still have Cormac’s hand, I close the door and start to put Ansel down. At that point I see that one of Ansel’s rain boots has fallen off his foot on the ground. Hanging onto the boys, I squat down to pick up his boot. I misjudged my squat (or the weight of the boys I’m connected to) and fall down on my bottom on the rainy street. That’s when I look up and see the minivan approaching. This is a low-point. I’ve not been in too many scary situations with the kids, but falling down in the middle of a busy street on a rainy day with a car headed towards us might rank the highest.

Luckily, the minivan seems to have seen us and is stopped, waiting for us to reassemble ourselves. I pick myself up, grab both boys under my arms, hold onto the wayward boot and dash across the street. I almost reach the sidewalk on the other side when I look back and… see Ansel’s other boot has fallen on the ground next to the car. Noooo!! The minivan that almost ran us over has now parked right behind our car. Perhaps they are going to report me to CPS? I see a woman get out of the car, pick up the boot and ask, “Are you Bethany?”

What?!? It turns out that this is Shawn, one of the other moms meeting us for the playdate (and a guardian angel.) Being a twin mom herself, she might understand why I had fallen down in the street while trying to get my kids to the other side. :) She runs across the street, hands me the boot and goes back to get her 20 month-old twin girls. She smartly brought a stroller for them and the rest of our walk to the library is uneventful. I keep thanking her for not running us over and she laughs.

We all have a good time at the library, which has a great area for kids with games, puzzles and baskets of board books. The boys behave fairly well, though I do feel bad for the librarian (or page) who will have to re-shelve the numerous books the kids pull out. After Ansel pulls out a chair and accidentally knocks himself down, I think it’s time to go. But we check out three new board books on our way out (the boys first time checking books out of the library!)


First Time Checking Books Out from the Library!


So the boys have been learning the word “uhoh” and today on the drive to and from the library, Ansel, Coco and I kept saying it. It made Ansel giggle up a storm.

After Dan got home, he took the boys over while I I finished dinner. He heard Ansel make a funny sound and I explained it was Ansel saying “uhoh”. Dan started saying it for Ansel too. Everyone was having a jolly good time, even as he was strapping him into their high chairs for dinner time. Dan asked me “Do they understand what it means?” and I said “I don’t know.” I think he wanted to teach them what uhoh means so he took a paper towel, crumpled it up, dropped it onto the floor and said “uhoh”. Pretty soon he realized his mistake– good intention to teach the boys the right context for uhoh, but when we’re constantly fighting their urge to drop their food on the floor, the last thing we need is him demonstrating that if you drop something on the floor you get to say the word uhoh! He backtracked and tried to explain that it’s when an accident happened, but the precedent was set for the night– drop your food and say “uhoh”, it’s all right. :)

Dan and I enjoyed a hearty laugh about today’s misadventures– falling down in the street in traffic and teaching the babies to throw their food.

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  1. I cannot begin to remember all the times I thought I was “teaching” one concept, and actually showed or said something that taught something negative, yikes. Live and learn. We parents and grandparents hopefully are still learning right along with the children and grandchildren we are trying to teach. That’s the positive about the negative.

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