Ansel & Coco Turn Four

The boys fourth birthday was great fun, mixed with a little sadness. Four definitely seems like a dividing line between toddler & preschooler– our little guys are growing up!

Ansel agreed to give up his pacifiers for his 4th birthday (he was still using them for naps & bedtime.) He was so brave going to bed without them… he asked if he could just hold one but not suck on it but I told him that I didn’t know where they were (Dan had secreted them away). He did not protest. Instead he remarked on how he still had his friends Goldie the dragon, Bailey the whale, Owly the owl light and Lovie the lovey with him. I talked to him about how it was ok to miss his pacifiers and that they had helped him sleep well for a long time. Just before I said good night & left the room, he closed his eyes and told me he was thinking of his paci. (Awwww.)

The night before they turned four, Ansel & Coco helped me bake brownies to bring to their daycare class. After daycare, we all went out for pizza & ice cream to celebrate their birthday.

I know that growing up is good & natural, but it’s also tough for me to experience (and they’re still only four!) As we left the pizza restaurant Coco had to push the door hard to open it. Ansel & Dan were behind us a bit so Ansel had to push the heavy door open again. As they came out Coco said to Ansel: “That was a heavy door, right?” And it was such grown-up phrasing & question, I couldn’t believe that it came from our babies. Every day more and more of their baby talk leaves them, though they still manage to make “girl” and “world” sound like two syllables instead of the short way adults usually say them. :)

At least when we walk down the street they still happily hold hands– Coco even does something now that he didn’t when he was young– holding just one finger of my hand. I love feeling their little hands in mine. Recently I asked Ansel if he wanted just my finger or my whole hand and he said whole hand because my hand keeps his hand warm. :)

We threw a huge birthday party for the boys 4th birthday a few days after their actual birthday. We invited all of their “friends” and boy, do they sure have a lot of them! Everyone in their daycare (and some who already graduated), all of our neighbor families their age and some extra friends through Pixar & UC Berkeley, plus Grandma Jerianne & Nana of course. We ended up having 57 people come through the house altogether!

Unfortunately I got sick the day before the party. We still managed, but we made some last minute food purchases so that I wouldn’t be trying to make so much from scratch. Afterwards the family was super tired & we all vegged out & watched the Olympics on tv.


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