September Fun

September kept us busy, as per usual, since this summer started.

The boys gave Dan a good big hug for his birthday.

We visited Ardenwood Farm for their train fair & early engine days.

We all went to see Finding Dory, at the Grand Lake Theatre. It was the kids first time seeing a movie in a theater & they loved it.

The boys attended their first day of “school” for the year. They attend daycare year round but this year started three half days of more structured school. They attend Lab School at Merritt College, an early-education teacher training program, for two half days. They are totally jazzed about it. They also attend Trackers Rovers Forest School for another half day, where they go out, rain or shine, to local parks and farms to learn about the outdoors.

The boys took a week long vacation with Dan & Kathy to Southern California to visit family, the beach & Disneyland. I flew down and joined them for the beach portion.

And we had many great days visiting parks and playing with friends at daycare, weddings and parties. (In the gallery, if you click to see a picture better, you can use your right/left arrow keys to easily see the next & previous pics.)

And finally, here are some videos from this month. Click on any of the below pics to open the video in a new window.

 Click to watch climber video

See Ansel heartily climbing up the slide (28 sec)

 Click to see Ansel Dancing to the Pipe Organ

See Ansel Dancing to the Pipe Organ at the Rail Fair (11 sec)

 Click to see Boys having Fun with Slides Video

See Both Boys having Fun with Slides (19 sec)

 Click to watch Two Little Spiders Showing Their Climbing Tricks

Watch Two Little Spiders Showing Their Climbing Tricks (1:05)

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