August 2016

Inspired by Rebecca Woolf’s post of moments from the previous month, I am posting a gallery of our August moments (minus their birthday party), plus a few observations after.

They are four now and really starting to look like little boys. They have great synergy & connection between them. When Ansel complained that his plum had peanut butter on it (a failure of mine for packing the plum next to the pb & j sandwich), I watched Cormac nonchalantly take the plum out of the bowl Ansel was holding, lick the peanut butter off and hand it to Ansel who proceeded to eat it. They didn’t say anything to each other about the transaction, it happened wordlessly.

Almost every night, before I go to bed, I frequently go in and check on them in their beds. Ansel is almost always tucked sweetly under his blanket and Cormac is almost always sprawled out on top of his, limbs akimbo.

To celebrate Dan’s birthday (September 2nd), Dan took the whole family to a Giants baseball game in late August. We had a blast. When I asked what the boys’ favorite part was, Coco said “the ice cream candy” and Ansel said “the ferry” (there is ferry service straight from Oakland to the ball park that we took advantage of.) They paid attention to the ball game for a good 3 or so innings. We spent the rest of the time in line for the slide, in line for food or in the bathroom. :)

While they paid attention though Dan made sure to teach them to chant “Go Giants! Go Giants!” For my part I kept directing Cormac’s attention to the pitcher & the hitter and telling him how fast the ball goes & how hard it is to hit and watch the hitter try to hit the ball. Later, when I wasn’t paying attention but Coco was he said “Mama mama, guess what?” I ask “What?” and he answers excitedly, pointing to the hitter, “The hitter didn’t hit the ball!” Thanks Coco. I’m glad you’re watching, but I don’t really need to know when the hitter doesn’t hit the ball.

Later on, inconveniently & all too predictably, Ansel declares “I have to poop!” Dan rushes him up to the bathroom. While sitting on the toilet making his poop, Ansel chanted “Go Giants, go Giants, go Giants!” So surreal.