Twins Wish List

Please let us know if you buy something on this list so we can take it off! Also, don’t feel compelled to buy new if you don’t want to. Used is fine by us!

  • Baby Deedee sleep sacks, navy blue & cream, XL
  • Sorting toys
  • Musical instruments– something simple, indestructible & stringed or maybe a tambourine?
  • Animal or people figures/toys that I can use to make up stories to tell them
  • Child-sized chairs
  • Little broom so they can pretend to sweep
  • Balls
  • Clothes (especially rompers & pajamas so I can pretend they’re still babies) 18-24mo (or 2T) size
  • Play tent structure (something like this:
  • Toddler sized basketball hoop
  • Baby Dolls or Baby Doll Stroller
  • Toys that require fine manipulation (for Cormac) (one grandparent has already gotten something)
  • Books with  parts that move (for Ansel) (like Hide & Seek Bunny)
  • More books in general! (See their current library here: Twins Library.) (one grandparent is already getting books so this is less necessary)

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